Tesla Model Y is a fantastic family SUV with some clever technology. We researched the tesla forums, social media and Amazon to curate the below list of accessories to make this car even better.

Console Accessory Trays

The Model Y Center Console Trays help you stay organized with two flocked bins for your centre console. The rear tray is ideal for more oversized items, while the front tray has two sections.

Due to its popularity, this item is constantly out of stock online but available directly from the service centres. Third-party trays from Amazon such as Basenor do not have the perfect fit like these official ones but support USB-C charging thanks to a small hole not present in the official trays.

Gemini Wheel Covers

The 19inch Gemini wheel covers look alright, but these Black Laminar covers from Rimetrix look awesome. They are not cheap at $289 plus custom duty but worth it.

Note that Tesla center caps are not compatible with the Rimetrix wheel covers.

Floor mats

The standard floor mats from Elon's company are alright for normal use, but these premium mats from abstractocean look and perform great.

Note that the front of the seat riser would have a small gap of less than an inch by design. The rear mats, including the frunk and the lower trunk, would fit great.

Alternatively, you could opt for the below product from Amazon EU.

Parcel shelf

A parcel shelf is a mandatory accessory for any car in the UK. Do not believe the Tesla fanboys who might argue against buying one.

The parcel shelf from abstractocean is the one you need.

Screen protector

This anti-glare screen protector is a must have to maintain visibility as well as to protect the screen.

Rear Vent Insert

This is a must-have accessory for all Model Y Owners, especially if you have children! Helps prevent large items from rolling in the open vent into the dark abyss.

Note, being a 3D printed product this might have some minor surface irregularities which can be smoothened using a sand paper.


In addition to the above list, some people also opt for a cupholder insert, all-weather trunk liners, and a bigger SSD such as Samsung T7 for sentry and music.