Vitesco Technologies, headquartered in Regensburg, is a German automotive supplier for drivetrain and powertrain technologies. The Electrification Technology business unit is a key innovator of several technologies that make automakers such as the Hyundai Motor Group stand out from the crowd.

800-volt Inverters

The E-GMP – the Electric Global Modular Platform is a dedicated platform made especially for EVs by Hyundai.


As a pure 800-volt platform, the success of E-GMP could be attributed to the 800-volt inverters from Vitesco. Like a Tesla Inverter, Silicon Carbide Technology (SiC) is used to improve efficiency due to better thermal support.

Bjørn Nyland consistently found Kia EV6 outperforming even Porsche Taycan in charging performance thanks to these inverters.

Electronics Motor Reducer (EMR4)

Announced in 2021, EMR4 is a highly integrated electric axle drive for 400-volt EV platforms in the B/C segments. The EMR4 platform is modular and scalable and supports power output from 80 kW to 230 kW.

Vitesco has secured a 2 billion euros contract from Hyundai Motor Group to supply 400-volt/160 kW axle drive EMR4 for future Kona and Niro EV vehicles. EMR4 is a 3-in-1 unit consisting of an electric machine, power electronics and a reducer. Thanks to Silicon Carbide, the unit is compact and lightweight, around 60kg. In contrast, an EMR3 axle drive could weigh up to 80kg.

Rotor and Stator of the integrated electric axle drive EMR3

High-Voltage Box

High-Voltage (HV) Box combines functions such as onboard charging, DC-DC energy conversion and in-vehicle power distribution into a single electronic hub, which greatly simplifies the car’s electrical and electronic (E/E) landscape

A major part of the HV Box is the On-Board Charger, which converts AC power from the electric grid to DC, for use by the BMS. The BMS acts as the brain of the battery by managing the charging and discharging of individual battery cells via cell balancing. Further, it provides very precise diagnostics and ensures electrical safety under all circumstances. The BMS contains software algorithms which continuously monitor, diagnose and correct undesirable operating conditions to maximize driving range and battery lifetime.

Despite the high integration provided by the HV Box, Vitesco Technologies is still able to offer a range of AC charging power levels from 7 kW to 22 kW, compatibility with global electric grids, 400 V or 800 V power-nets, DC-DC power ranges and more.

Closing Remarks

By supplying innovative inverters and electric axle drives to automakers such as Hyundai Motor Group, Vitesco Technologies, thus plays a major role in driving the move to electrification and sustainable energy.