Electric Juice by Octopus Energy now supports an essential route planner as a beta feature. We found the feature working as intended with a quick test, although the suggested plan was a bit longer than the one shown by ABRP.

Route planning with Electric Juice

The exact destination with ABRP could reduce the travel time by 25 minutes, demonstrating the richness of data and the technical preeminence of their algorithm.

Route planning with abetterrouteplanner ABRP

An essential aspect of long-distance travel is choosing chargers with more charge points to reduce queuing time. After filtering for ultra-rapid chargers with over 6 points, we witness the sad truth about the state of charger rollout in the UK.

Filters for Route Planning
Limited choice of chargers with 6+ charge points

There aren't many rapid chargers available to help non-tesla owners in the country even after selecting "View all chargers". In contrast, with its Supercharger network, Tesla has nailed this need across the globe.

Tesla Superchargers with over six chargepoints

Closing Thoughts

Electric Juice is a brilliant service to simplify and streamline the payments experience of EV charging. We're glad to see the service constantly improved with new features to delight and improve the life of EV owners.