With big 22inch wheels with a ground clearance of nearly 33cm, a solar panel built into the bonnet, interior made from sustainable materials, could this EV9 be the Rivian R1T luxury alternative we are looking for?

Thanks to Bjorn, we have a YouTube video offering a closer look at this SUV.

Kia EV9 Concept


Lightweight seats made from recycled materials offer generous space and comfort. There is also space below every seat to store the camping and other gears for quick access. Panoramic roof as standard helps with improving the light and cabin temperature.

Detachable wireless speakers is a clever practical feature to allow owners to enjoy music during picnics and at the beach.

Exterior Design

Kia EV9 is bigger than the Kia Sorento and is comparable to E-Tron and Tesla Model X. The large 22inch wheels provide this SUV with a muscular on-road presence. The iconic Tiger nose facade has seen subtle tweaks to suit the rest of the design language.

Technical Specification

With a 100 kWh battery pack supporting 800v fast charging, EV9 should easily achieve 330 miles of range in a single charge. With a more powerful performance version planned, the maximum power of 350 kW pushing 0-60 miles in 5 seconds in the standard model might be enough for most.

Closing Remarks

As with concepts, the production car may see design changes to suit the market needs better. However, a bold, luxurious EV SUV is on offer that could attract more new owners to the Kia brand. We would continue to track this EV anticipated to enter production in 2023.