Lexus is ready to unveil the new RZ 450e, its first fully electric vehicle, on April 20th in Texas. This car would begin the transition to a fully electric future by 2035. Here is everything our team knows about this stylish Battery EV.

Design and Styling

Toyota might reuse the body panels and designs from Toyota bZ4X with an identical side-view.

The front and the rear end have seen the unique Lexus treatment with a smoother front and a slightly sharper diffuser at the rear.

The rear has a sharper diffuser.

Expected Features

There is only speculation about the features at present, with most claims based on the bZ4X and LF-Z concept cars. The simplified centre console with a large 12.3inch touchscreen and nine premium speakers should come as standard.

A large 71 kWh battery with a dual motor should provide 160 kW power and over 286 miles of range with a 0-60mph time of fewer than 3 seconds. 11 kW onboard AC charger and a 150 kW DC charging capability should alleviate charging anxiety. Energy-saving heat pumps must come as standard, although it is unclear if there are any dedicated battery heaters or heat scavenging functionality to improve speed.


E-Toyota New Global Architecture (E-TNGA) is a new modular EV platform designed in partnership with Subaru, Daihatsu, and Suzuki. This vehicle architecture has five modules - front module, centre module, rear module, battery and motor, enabling customization of wheelbase, overhangs, and the number of batteries installed as needed by the brands. Electric motor location, driver positioning, and battery width, on the other hand, are fixed.

Initially, Toyota's EVs will run on lithium-ion batteries. But Toyota is also banking on a breakthrough in solid-state batteries, which promises lighter, more powerful and safer batteries with longer ranges.

Closing Thoughts

Team TrackEV tracks many upcoming EVs, including the new RZ 450e. With only a fortnight to go before the official reveal, we eagerly wait to hear more about this exciting car.