When Geely bought Lotus, the company promised a new Electric SUV, which became a reality today with the launch of Lotus Eletre, internally known as Type 132.

Lotus has developed a new EV platform from the ground up called Electric Premium Architecture (EPA) to build Eletre and other lifestyle models such as a GT car rivalling Porsche Taycan and an all-electric sports car following Elise. Eletre would be built in a new technology campus in Wuhan, China.

At the Eletre’s core is an aluminium and steel architecture that includes an integrated 800 volt, high-voltage network with the custom 100 kWh battery pack developed with Britishvolt that optimises cell density and charging efficiency. The aluminium and steel-based aerodynamic design provide a top speed of 162mph, 0-60 mph at less than 3 seconds, and around 350 miles.


The seats are well designed, comfortable yet thin. The backseat has a dedicated tilting touchscreen that duplicates navigation and other information from the primary display.

The dashboard has a narrow instrument cluster and a gorgeous landscape touchscreen with additional physical controls on the steering wheel.

At launch, the model will include four drive modes on all three variants: Range, Tour, Sport, Off-Road and an Individual mode allowing a level of customisation over the steering weight, dampers, powertrain, and accelerator response.


The Eletre’s front end has a Lamborghini Huracán Performante glimpse, particularly in the body-coloured sections that blend into the blacked-out grille. On social media, people compare Eletre with Lamborghini Urus.

All Eletre models will utilise air suspension with dynamic ride height control. Adaptive dampers, rear-axle steering, electric active anti-roll bars and torque vectoring via an electronic limited-slip differential will also be available. Huge 23-inch wheels and carbon-ceramic brakes will be available as an addon.

Driver Assistance

While cameras are in the pre-production models, Lotus would provide traditional mirrors in production models. LIDAR sensors are placed on either side to provide park assist capability. Adaptive cruise control and active lane assist features would also come as standard.

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Closing Thoughts

Eletre begins an interesting transformation at Lotus from a specialist sports car company to a premium electric car company rivalling Porsche. With a starting price of £115,000 and a delivery date next year, prospective buyers could reserve an Eletre for a £2,000 deposit.