Elon Musk spoke to Tesla factory workers at the Gigafactory Berlin event today.

Below are some notes of interest:

New colour options

Tesla is exploring adding two new colour options in addition to the five existing colours:

Deep Red
Quick Silver

New battery chemistry

Tesla is exploring using Iron Phosphate and Manganese cathode to reduce the amount of Nickel required. With the recent price increases of Nickel and Cobalt, the sense of urgency from Tesla to develop new battery chemistry is evident.


Elon recognized the active role played by the Tesla Supercharging network in helping the refugees travel for free across European countries such as Moldova, Romania and Poland.

Solar, wind, battery storage, and EV

Elon reemphasized the importance of storing solar and wind energy with batteries due to their intermittent nature.

"We can create a sustainable future as long as the sun shines and the wind blows" - Elon Musk.