Tests performed by Bjorn Nyland confirm what Tesla Model Y owners already knew - the charge curve performance of their 2022 cars has improved recently.

250kW from 10% with the new charge curve

Even after 80%, Model Y happily supports more than 50 kW rate reducing to around 40 kW at 90%. While we don't recommend charging a model Y beyond 90%, it is now possible to charge up to 100% at rapid chargers for any long trips.

Battery Chemistry

Typically, more Cobalt is used by German and Korean automakers to improve charging speed in colder conditions. Since Cobalt is a conflict material, Tesla uses more Nickel, Aluminium and Manganese in the cathode to reduce its use. This new NCMA battery chemistry from LG Chem is used for all Made-In-China (MIC) Model Y cars, putting Tesla at a disadvantage in charging performance in the past. With recent software updates, Tesla has improved this performance by up to 25% without ostentatious PR like the Volkswagen ID Software 3.0 campaign. It is unclear which software update brought in the charging performance improvements, but we speculate it must be the 2022.4.5.16 update.