As per, Tesla Model Y has overtaken the Model 3 to become the top-selling EV in Europe in Q1 2022.

Electric Vehicle Registrations in Europe: 14 countries

Furthermore, Tesla has also captured a market share of 12.5%, beating the incumbent Volkswagen by a good margin. For Tesla, however, this is less than the Q1, 2021 market share of 15.45%, indicating an increase in loss of sales to Kia and Hyundai this year, especially to the best selling models - Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia Niro.

EV Market Share

These figures do not include all of the UK, which would be available around the 2nd week in April.

EV Brands' market share
Group market share

At a group level, the Volkswagen group leads with a market share of 22.3%, followed by Hyundai-Kia with a slice of 15.52% (Up from 12.26%). Tesla is at number 4 after Stellantis, down from number 3 from Q1 of last year.

Yearly stats for Brands

Closing Thoughts

With no signs of a new Model S or Model X this year for the European market, we can expect the sales of Tesla Model Y to remain strong for the full year.